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Mardie Luppold - Resume


Long Island Univ.Westchester, NY.M.Ed. 2013

University of Mass., Amherst, MA. M.F.A., 1973

Boston University, Boston, MA. BA 1962

Wheaton College, Norton, MA., 1955-57

Exhibits Solo:

Rye Library, Rye, NY. 2008

Sirius Matter Gallery, Edmonds, WA., 2001-2002

James Hunt Barker Gallery, Palm Beach, FLA., 1991

Whistler House Gallery, Lowell, MA., 1980

Carsprecken-Scott Gallery, Wilmington, DL., 1979

Bergdorf Goodman Gallery, White Plains, NY., 1978

Bergdorf Goodman Gallery, New York, NY., 1979 2.

Hilson Gallery, Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA., 1978

Borgia Gallery, Our Lady of the Elms College, Chicopee,MA., 1977

Herter Gallery, University of Mass.. Amherst, MA., 1973

Selected Arts Gallery, Chico, CA., 1964,1965,1966 ​

ADA Award:

Massachusetts Cultural Council, Arts Award 2023

Group Exhibits:

Rye Art Center, Rye, NY., 2006,2007

Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, Conn. 2006

Rye Art Center, Rye, NY., Best in Show, Thom Collins,Juror, Director Neuberger Museum, SUNY Purchase, NY

Frog Hollow, VT State Craft Center, Middlebury, VT., 2005

Firehouse Gallery, Burlington City Arts, Burlington, VT., 2005

Accessories Shop, 210 Fifth Ave. NY,NY., 1996,97,98

Women’s Craft Exhibit, Hoboken, NJ., 1996

Craft Exhibit, Jersey City, NJ., 1997

Carrying Place Restaurant, Ellsworth, ME., 1987-1990

Carrying Place Restaurant, Bar Harbor,ME., 1990-1998

Central Place Gallery, Bangor, ME., 1991

Hancock County Artists, Ellsworth,ME., 1987

Steam Mill Printmakers, Ellsworth, ME.,1987

Prince Street Gallery, Wooster Street, NY,NY., 1985

Country Tiles, 60 St., NY,NY., 1985

Vallery Women Artists, Herter Gallery, Univ.Mass., Amherst, MA., 1980 3. ( Best in Show, Grace Glueck, Juror, NY Times.)

Senator Paul Tsongas’ Office, Boston, MA., 1980

Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA., 1979

Women’s Art Exhibit, Amherst, MA., 1970,71,72

Smith Glass Gallery, Northampton, MA., 1968,1969

Manteca Annual Art Exhibit, Manteca, CA., 1964

Auburn Annual Art Exhibit, Auburn, CA., 1964

Northern California Annual Art Exhibit, Chico, CA., 1963,1964 first prize


Revlon, 5th Ave. NY, NY.,

Freelance Artist Fashion Center, 42nd St. NY, NY. 1984

Freelance Textile Designer 1985

Illustrator/Copywriter: Image Advertising Agency (now, Kelliher, Samets,& Volk of NY, Boston, Burlington, VT) Accounts: Freemountain Toys, Elan Skiis, Rosignol Skiis, Authier Skiis, Medical Center of Burlington, VT 1979-1980

Our Changing Earth, Geology book, 7th grade, 64 pages, 32 full-color,32 two-color, full-color cover 

Strawberry Books, Larousse, Inc. 1979

Massachusetts Review, Volume, XIII 1972

Amherst, MA Design and Layout

Alan Cranston Senatorial Campaign, California 1965


University of California at Chico, Permanent Collection, 8 drawings, Chico, CA

Sen. Alan Cranston, San Rafael, CA

NY University, NY Restaurant School, NY,NY

Andrew and Nena Goodman, Hilltop Place, Rye, NY

MaryAnn Goodman and Bruno Quinson, New York, NY

Dupont Family, Wilmington,Del.

Margaret Milliken, Pittsburgh, PA

Barbara Snelling, Shelburne, VT

Maura and Bill Benjamin, Manalapan, FL

Carlotta Webster, Palm Beach. FL Jimmy Barker, Palm Beach,FL

Christian Etermohl, Palm Beach, FL

Kay and Charles Moran III, Amherst, MA

Bunny Clarke, Rye, NY

Whitney and Allen Clark, Rye, NY

Diane and Jordan Crittenden, Beverly Hills, CA

Robert McCreery, Perrysburg, OH

Margaret and James Freeman, Hadley, MA

Frances and Chares Abbott, Auburn, ME

Saragay and Charles Hight, Kansas City, MO

Priscilla and Robert Marquis, West Concord, MA

Louise and Robert Lilienfeld, Brooklyn, NY

Eben Ludlow, NY, NY

Zoe Keithley, Sacramento, CA

Sara and Robert Leinbach, Boston, MA

George Armelagos, Gainesville, FL

Bronwyn Ferguson, Ferrisburgh, VT

Cynthia Cagle, Middlebury, VT

Linda Kelliher and Yoram Samets, Charlotte, VT

Margot and Theodore Junkins, Rye, NY

Jana Scholten and Daniel Junkins, Roxbury, MA

Karn and Jeffrey Junkinsmith, Shoreline, WA

Leslie Luppold, Concord, MA

Denise and Jonathan Luppold, Maynard, MA

Chris and David Luppold, Concord, MA

Richard Luppold, Concord, MA Deborah and Jay Luppold, Concord, NH

Thelma Beal, Ellsworth, ME

Donald Smith, Bangor, ME

Stephanie Morrison, Fairfield, Conn

Bruno Ponterrio Elementary School, Rye Brook, NY

Blind Brook High School, Rye Brook, NY

Deborah Brown, No. Adams, MA

Theresa McCann, Brooklyn, NY

Sarah and Bob Leinbach, Brookline, MA

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