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About the Artist:
Drawing and painting saved my life from the very beginning.  Yes, there were weekly art lessons; and later, around 10, my Father would ask me for a drawing for a job he had in his printing business; then, miracle of miracles, he asked me to draw his printing press invention...a lifetime honor.

I went to Wheaton College for 2 years; there I saw an excavation of Catal Huyuk, Turkey, in an Art History class: an ancient city dating back to 10,000 B.C. which went in deep, and even shows up in this project! 

I did an M.F.A. in painting and printmaking at UMass. Amherst, just because I thought there was some secret about art I needed to know; and was a teaching fellow.  In an independent study, I learned to work on several paintings at a time; a life-changing experience, because it releases me from the total focus of working on one piece of work at a time. This way of working enables me to go to the creative well indefinitely; the well is infinitely deep and available to me all, all the time...and the beat goes on!

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