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Antarctica Waterfall Painting by Mardie Luppold

Antarctica Waterfall

Rumi Quote- Cleanest- black blue_edited_

According to NASA, there is a waterfall beneath Antarctica that is seven times larger than Niagra Falls.  From this waterfall, deeply frigid water, laden with phytoplankton flows in currents out into all the oceans of the Earth; the largest flowing north to the estuary and delta of the Amazon river in South America.   This concentration of phytoplankton carries a huge source of food for mammals, fish, birds, and seaweed and creates a massive feeding frenzy for all sentient life; as well as providing the earth with a bountiful source of oxygen year- round.

The painting is attempting to capture this extraordinary process as well as showing via the blue and green colors the daytime photosynthesis, and via the red and orange colors the nighttime capture of carbon dioxide.

I was so captivated when I saw this video, watching it several times; it moved me to try to paint it as a tribute to the living earth and her mysterious and powerful processes.

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